What is Derast?

Derast is a free pixel's social game where you can play against your friends or other people in the challenges made ​​by three rounds of 90 seconds each. The winner of the challenge is who makes the most points over the three rounds.

How to play?

Move your finger across the screen to reveal the image and give the solution in the shortest possible time.You can play against a friend on Facebook, a contact email or a casual user from those registered

There are helps or bonus in Derast?

In Derast you have 4 different types of aid to solve puzzles.
You will receive a phrase that will help you identify the object image
You can freeze time for 10 seconds and try to understand the object of the image
You will receive some letters that fill the solution of the puzzle.
If you just can not solve the puzzle, played a jolly!

What are the coins that i receive?

Each round guessed or game won you'll receive coins to be reused in the store to get extra content or increase aid

Where can I play Derast?

At the moment Derast is only available on iOS devices. We are working to eliminate some of the problems and make it available on Android.

Where do you get the pictures?

The images were prevelate largely by Pixabay, a portal of images under public domain.
Others, however, were searched using the advanced search tool from Google, filtering for those reusable commercially and make sure verify this result. At this page you can find a series of links for assigning images.
Regarding the categorical logos, Derast and Simarlab are not associated or affiliated with the company they refer. Logos are exclusive property of the owners themselves.

What are the differences between FREE e PREMIUM?

Number game max 15 Unlimited
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Who can I contact to describe some problems?

If you have problems or if you want to describe a bug write an email to info@simarlab.it